Pierre Schnehage
Digital Specialist

Think of this as a résumé of what I do.
My business is part of my creativity.

Celshot Messaging

With Telegram and social media at your fingertips...
Celshot explains your product on your market's mobile phones.

Commercial Production

Below are 3 players showcasing samples and projects
I've written, voiced and produced.
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Book My Voice

intertalent.co.za is my preferred online voice agent.
Listen to samples there or right below.

Audio Engineer

Mixing ✓ Mastering ✓ Radio Spot Production ✓
Post Production ✓ Voice ✓ Jingles ✓ IVR ✓ Video Editing

Webflow Websites

Webflow’s live prototyping removes the guesswork and allows clients to experience the design before signing off on it.


Creative writing must always entertain.
It must have a positive impact on sales. I do that.

Guitar & Bass

These days many things can be done online.
"Listen In Browser" to the player on the right.


stuff i've been doing for decades

Voice artistry
Commercial Production

Examples of my voice work
feature in the 1st and 2nd clips.
All feature my copywriting,
engineering and directing skills.

Music engineering

What makes a great recording?  
Careful recording of great musicians,
a referenced mix and professional mastering session.

guitar sessions

Being a DJ on commercial radio for 7 years exposed me to many different genres of music. Playing the bass since 1983 ensures experience.

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web design

I work exclusively on webflow
for speed & minimum fuss

In The Works

I musically met Jeremy one evening doing the late night show on Jacaranda 94.1. The track scheduled was Change Partners by Andy Williams and when the first of the string interludes hit I started searching for the arranger. This was in the very early 90's. For those who don't recognise the artists mentioned - Jeremy has arranged for Chicago, David Foster, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Tony Braxton, Michael Jackson... the list is very long.
I am a big fan of Al Jarreau's music. The track, Not Like This, I found, to my surprise, that Jeremy was responsible for everything but the vocals. I then found that if I happened to like a popular song, Jeremy was somewhere in it. His work is one of a kind.

I personally met Jeremy in 2012. Around 2015 I offered to build his website. I photographed his awards, did audio interviews with him and have video. I would like to tell the full story from my perspective. The hunt is on for the perfect collaborator to assist with this project.

Pieter Swanepoel Artworks

Live at swanart.net

Projects Under Construction

Rockridge Growth Engineering is a website going live in a couple of months.

Music Post & final mix

We'll shoot, record and final mix your show